Monster Smash [Mizone]

Monster Smash [Mizone] Monster Smash [Mizone] Monster Smash [Mizone]
Rising from the grave, FAKKU Books brings a new monster girl book that will make more than the hairs on the back of your neck rise. Monster Smash is the first book from new-comer Mizone, but it’s so good it’ll make you toss out your old monster manual and replace it with Monster Smash as your new go-to tome. Collecting nine sweet vanilla monster chapters, Mizone has treated our readers with most delightful dullahans, sultry snake women and cutie centaurs, which I know are all very close to our readers’ hearts. These monster girls may look devilish, but they’re nothing by pure angels.

Developer/Publisher: Mizone
Censorship: None
Language: English
Resolution: 2255×3200
Pages: 203 pages
Monster Girls, Reverse Rape, Femdom, Big Breasts, Shota, Pregnancy, Impregnation, Birth