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Joos3DArt Collection [Joos3DArt] Joos3DArt Collection [Joos3DArt] Joos3DArt Collection [Joos3DArt] Joos3DArt Collection [Joos3DArt]
I’m Joos3D and I make 3d Smut. I’ve been making 3DX stuff for about 15 years and love doing it. My day job is delivering pizza in Seattle Washington. I do art as a sideline, and am currently trying to work on my skills to one day join the video game development industry as an artist. I mainly use Poser as my rendering suite/animator, and build secondary assets in 3DSmax. I usually do video game or pop culture art, but I also have my original characters that get into all kinds of Hi-jinx. My girlfriend also helps and will be making goodies and giveaways for you guys too! The first 10 5$ patreons will get a limited edition print, of a character of your choice. She is going to do some sexy cosplay stuff, all kinds of goodies! So that’s a little bit about me. Hope you guys enjoy my stuff and thank you so much for your support! It’s because of systems like patreon that art is able to flourish in this new digital era.
WHAT DO I MAKE?Futanari is my bread and butter. Usually its gang-bangs with futa on female. But I do a little bit of everything and will also be doing requests/commissions, as well as voting on future content to give you guys some options. However I will not make any content that violates Tumblr or Patreons TOS. No underage, non consensual, bestiality, scat/piss, or gore/violence. I also don’t do any gay(male on male) or futa on male(with a few exceptions). Just because its not a fetish I am into, being a straight male.
Right now I focus on images sets due to time and hardware restrictions. One I have more time to work and better hardware I will be able to do animations and hopefully sex-feature length stuff. I definitely will do animations. It’s just a matter of time.MISSION STATEMENT
I created this patreon not as a way to make money for my art, but to give my fans a way to say thank you. I will NEVER charge you guys for any of my content. It will always be released on my Tumblr free of cost. The only exception will be Commissions if I do any in the future.(because i’m making stuff specifically for someone, hence it’s THEIR art made with MY time). The other reason for this Patreon is an easy way to do voting/poll for future content, and also to hold raffles. Again, I will NEVER make you guys pay for my stuff. Free smut, all the time, that is my Mission Statement.
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Developer/Publisher: Joos3DArt
Censorship: Nope
Language: English & Textless
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Big Ass, Big Tits, Futa/Trans, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Oral Sex, Group Sex, Monster Girl, Anal Sex, Multiple Penetration
Collection List:
– Action Girl
– Kali’s Revenge
– Lara’s Inferno
– Gym Bunny
– Ruin Raider
– Seeing Red