Jag27 Collection [2015] [Jag27]

These are a collection of works by an artist commonly known as Jag27. He’s also known as Otto Maddox and James Gibson. His 3D art has been around since 2002. He has earlier works in the form of drawings and books. Unlike many artists, his portraits of women can be very realistic. He’s also really fascinated with space, history, pregnancy, aliens, and crafts some of the best comic stories I’ve seen. Since his split from CrazyXXX3DWorld, his loyal fanbase is well-known for NOT distributing his comics AT ALL so that’s why they haven’t been updated for years.​
Thread Updated: 2020-03-18
Updated: 2015
Publisher: Jag27/Otto Maddox/James Gibson – plumptopia, eyeronikcomics, crazyxxx3dworld (Artist Search Jag27)
Censorship: None
Version: Up to 2015 (new ones are hard to find)
Platform: Windows / Mac / Linux
Language: English
Comics, Plumpers, Pregnancy, Aliens, Incest, All Sex, Shota
Down of Machines 1-3
Rebellion of Machines 1-3
Dominion 6-12, 9x-13x
* Dominion 4&5 do not existLangsuirs:
1. Dark night of the Langsuire 1-4
2. Langsuirs Race With The Devil
3. Desires of the Flesh Tale of Horror
4. Curse Of The Langsuir 1-7
5. Desires of the Flesh. The Return 1-5
6. Shadows of the Past 1-14 + x (8, 9, 10, 12)
7. Haunting of Oldquest House 1-5
8. Langsuir Chronicles/Langsuir Chronicles 2007 1-38Tail of Timmy:
1. Mothers Sins
2. Tail Of Two Boys
3. Teaches Pet
4. Timmy’s Good Intentions
5. Daughter DearestTales from the Edge 1-7
Set #1:

Alien Love
Hot Pursuit
Just Can’t win
Alien Hides
Alice in Toyland
Emerald Lee and Doctor Feng
Emerald Lee aka Elisa
Set #2
Two Gallons in Space
Set #3
Breaking-up Hard to do
Set #4
Mrs. Richards
The Bag Boy
Set #5
Family Poke her Night
Set #6
Kiss of the Sea King
Revenge of Hera 1, 2
Oval Nightmare
Sperm Alien
Set #7
Attack of the Inseminator2D
Cyberian Nation 1-8
The Coast – 1-3
Harbinger of Darkness 1,2
Dark Harbor 1-4
Philadelphia Project 1,2
House of Whores 1-4List of text stories:
Amanda Wrighter (texts only – pdf)
Maternal Instincts Ch. 1,2
Summer vacation Ch. 1-7
The Lust Ch. 1-8
The Promotion Ch. 1-3
The Reunion Ch. 1-3
Watching Delia Ch. 1Some Animations