Infinity Sign – Maqui [TGCOMICS]

Infinity Sign - Maqui [TGCOMICS] Infinity Sign - Maqui [TGCOMICS] Infinity Sign - Maqui [TGCOMICS]
Nick Mazarakis is a staff photographer at In-Flash, a small, struggling fashion magazine. It’s tough to be a magazine of any kind in this digital age! Nick is excited about his job, that he has finally broken through and is shooting editorial spreads and even some covers for In-Flash.
: More The models Nick deals with can be flighty, perhaps even more so when the model happens to be a succubus and uses her allure to get favors from the staff. If that sounds a little strange, it’s because Maqui is set in a world where there are different humanoid “species” living together: humans, succubi, vampires, golems, goblins, shapeshifters, dragons and more. But don’t be misled and think the emphasis of this comic is fantasy (or supernatural). It has those elements, for sure, but it’s really more of a slice of life comic (and a romance) with a twist.
Updated: 2018-11-04
Developer/Publisher: TGCOMICS
Censorship: None
Language: Eng
Resolution: 1200 x 1200 pixels
Pages: 1,315
T/M,F/F, Transformation, Anal, Bimbofication, Futa